Batch production


Today, 3D printing is the number one way product prototypes and models are made, and for good reason. It’s faster, cheaper, more accurate, and has a better presentation value than carving foam, forming clay, or any of the manual processes once used to whip up very hand-made-looking concept models.

A good prototype gives your product more appeal that’s sure to impress your boss or investors. Plus, because 3D printing is so easy and affordable, there’s no excuse anymore for using tape and glue.

3D printing, whether you do it yourself or use an online service, enables you to bring your idea to market faster. Depending on your product, you can print a working prototype in a matter of hours, enabling you to test for functionality and aesthetic appeal, redesign, and print new iterations the same day.

In this guide, you’ll learn all you need to know to 3D print your product prototypes, including which materials to select, whether it makes sense to buy your own 3D printer (and which one), and how to select and use on-demand 3D printing services to get your prototype printed fast and delivered to your door.